Order Up! - Zine Released!

Order Up! is a Multi-Fandom Fast Food project in the form of a free, digital-only all accepted fanzine that will feature the characters of various fandoms experiencing the joy of working in some of the highest end fast food establishments in the world!


Head & Socials Mod
Listen... Have you heard of a man name Juzo Inui before?
Previous zines:
- Let's Magical Cooking~! (Co-Head, Socials & Organization)
- TOUCHDOWN (Head, Socials & Organization)
- Ex Umbra (Co-Head, Socials & Organization)

Graphics Mod
I am passionate about eating!

Organization, Communication Mod
Hi, I'm Notte! Food is love and I love food, so all my characters do too. And so will you :D!!
Previous zines:
- Luka Couffaine (Writer)
- Blood&Jupiter (Graphics & Writer)

Writer & Organization
Astronaut Panel
Previous zines:
- Let's Magical Cooking (Co-head & Writer)
- TOUCHDOWN (Writer & Shipping)
- Midnight Melodies (Writer)

Starrie Wolf
Writer Mod
Hi I'm Starrie and KFC Diluc lives rent free in my head. I'm here because apparently beta reading 30k for one zine once isn't enough.
Previous zines:
- Glacial Waltz (Writer)
- Trainers of Teyvat (Writer)
Icon Credit: @audidraws

Art Mod
Henlooo! I'm yana and i love donuts!! so i joined the team to see fellow donut enthusiasts!!
Previous zines:
- Hue: OC Zine (Head)

Organization and General Mod
Hi! I'm Emery and I can't wait to make everyone experience Karens :D
Previous zines:
Grace of Hellfire Zine (Socmed)

Interest CheckJun 25th - Jul 25th 2022
Contributor AppsAug 15th - Sept 25th 2022
Acceptance EmailsSept 25th - 30th 2022
Pitches DueOct 1st 2022
First Check-inNov 20th 2022
Second Check-inDec 20th 2022
Third Check-inJan 20th 2023
Final Check-inFeb 20th
Zine ReleaseMay 26th, 2023